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Day Program

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Educational Mornings

(It is preferred that all children are at school by 08:30 when the program starts)


08:30 Movement activity
08:40 Circle time, Register, Bible and prayer
Theme discussion (Language development)
Songs and rhymes, Counting, shapes and numbers
Perception activities (Tactile, hearing, visual, smell)
09:00 Art activities / Educational toys
Painting, drawing, collage, tear and paste, cutting, play dough, puzzle, etc.
10:00 Snack time
10:30 Outside play / inside free play (Weather)
Balls, hula-hoops, scooters, sand and water play
11:20 Washing hands
11:30 Movement and music activity
11:45 Story time
12:00 Lunch time
12:30 Afternoon nap (2-3 year group joins the 3-4 year group)
14:30 Packing away blankets and toilet routine
15:00 Packing bags and cleaning up
15:15 Outside play or inside free play
15:30 Afternoon snack and cool drink
16:45 Cleaning hands and faces
17:00 Reading stories, watching TV and free play
18:00 School closes for the day